Waste and Recycling Services
within Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Turbo J Waste & Recycling Services

We provide waste and recycling services in Calgary and surrounding local area.  Transporting items from residential or commercial projects to the correct processing facilities reuses the core materials and out of the landfill.  New facilities in the province allow us to do a part to save the environment. These modern recycling centres process up to 95% of old mattress materials into new products. Big machines grind up asphalt and old concrete pathways into re-usable materials.

Inevitably some of the items for recycle may need to go to the conventional landfill sites. Final pricing will be dependant on the materials being delivered to the landfill or recycling centres.  Please see below for some quick guidelines for your project.

Waste & Recycling Services by Turbo J Inc Calgary Alta - Photo by Brian Cameron

Currently utilizing 1-ton+ trucks combined with 14ft hydraulic dump trailers, allowing up to 10,000lbs (5-tons) of capacity.  Limited with certain pick up locations like driveways and alleys, requiring a minimum of 9ft width.  Please note when booking items cannot be lifted by a single person, preventing extra loading charges or items being left behind.

Metal Recycling Calgary

Fees, Pricing and Guidelines

  • Our pick up services start at just $25 for single items, plus disposal fees.
  • Mattresses, example $20 per mattress fee.
  • General construction waste per tonne.
  • Landfill waste and materials recycled by weight add +10% on top of facility charges.
    For example, Calgary Landfill Commercial Waste charge of $113/tonne + 10% of total receipt + Turbo J Fee.

2015 Spyhill Landfill Rates
2015 Spyhill Landfill Rates

Each facilities fees vary by item PLUS applicable pick up charges.
City of Calgary Commercial Landfill Rates
Okotoks, High River & area Landfill Rates

  • All items must be outside of residence & easily accessible by truck & trailer.
  • Items with no-charge pick up are scheduled on an "In The Area" basis.
  • *Priority/Immediate pick up service is available.
  • Please alert us if the pick up request needs to be modified or cancelled.
  • Please maintain accuracy when submitting pick up and contact details, ensuring quick service.
  • Any items or bookings being misrepresented will not be picked up.

No Mixed Loads! Example, metal and pallet recycling loaded on a single appointment.  Materials are not accepted at recycling or waste facilities when mixed together.  Sorting and additional 'cleaning' (removing dirt alongside mismatched materials) of items will be required ahead of your upcoming appointment.

Accepted Items for Free Pick-Up Service

Metal (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, etc.)
Metal Appliances (Stainless Steel Dishwashers, Stoves, Ovens, BBQ's, etc.)
Household and Shop Furnaces (No oil filled units)
Hot Water Tanks & Copper Water Piping
Cars, SUV's, Trucks (Running / Parts / Scrap)
Car Parts (Brake Rotors, Control Arms, Leaf Springs, etc.)
Electrical Wiring
Radiators and Heat Exchanges

Accepted Items for Paid Pick-Up Service

CRT & Glass TVs **
Mattress' **
Shipping Pallet & Clean Wood **
Mixed Wood (Lumber, Trees / Branches, Plywood) **
Clean Concrete & Asphalt **
Appliances with Freon (Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioning / AC units, etc.) **

Landfill Waste Only

Microwave ovens **
Plastic dishwasher machines **
Small kitchen appliances **
Miscellaneous Household Rubble **

Items Not Accepted

Animal Waste & Carcasses
Hazardous Materials
Chemicals, Oils & Paints
Contaminated Soils
Other Dangerous Goods
Tires (City of Calgary Landfill can recieve 8 personal tires, at no charge)

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